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With every graduate, our strength of pride grows. Over the last 25 years, our graduates have attained great positions and received countless awards for their spectacular work in the field of:

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Cosmetology Program

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About the course

This course allows you to express your creativity and enhance your natural talent,  the successful completion of the state board’s minimum required technical and practical operations will allow you qualify for the national exam, subsequently gaining licensure to work at any salon in the United States. (each state has its own rules and regulations).

You will be able to do hands-on services on real people on Skin Care, Manicuring and Pedicuring, Hair Styling, Haircutting, Color, Texture services, Make-up, Chemical Straightening and practice Business development, Retail knowledge, and the Concept of Gaining and Retaining clients, and much more.

This course will allow you to build confidence in your abilities, and to complete a successful training. This course covers all phases of Cosmetology, including:

This course will allow you to build confidence in your abilities, and to complete a successful training. The course covers all phases of Cosmetology, including:

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Educational Goals

Students will attend regularly scheduled theory classes (lecture), read assigned chapters of their  text books, perform actual practical operations (services) on another person or mannequin, and must take and pass assigned tests with a grade point average of 70% (C) or better. Each unit of instruction is divided into six levels: Theory classes, (lectures and demonstration), Theory testing, (written and oral), Practical operation demonstrations, Practical operations on mannequin or other person, Complete operations performed on another person, and Performance reviews (progress evaluations, see satisfactory progress policy).

Instruction is provided to each student involving: how to seek and obtain employment, payroll deductions, preparation of employment applications, applicable laws and regulations, and consumer safety.

For specific course details, download our Student Catalog and view pages 6-9.

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