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For licensed cosmetologists who want to expand their services.

This is a very lucrative course, allowing  you to work as a barber anywhere in the United States.

Barber Crossover







Barber Crossover Program

Welcome to the Exciting world of Barbering!

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About the course

The curriculum for students enrolled in the Barber crossover course for cosmetologists shall consist of two hundred (200)  hours of technical instruction and practical operations covering all those barber practices that are NOT a part of the required training or practice of a cosmetologist. The primary purpose of this course is to train the students in the basic manipulative skills on shaving, rest facials, safety judgments, proper paper work habits and desirable attitude to pass the State Board Examination and for competency in job entry level positions in barbering or related career field.

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The barber crossover course for cosmetologists is designed to prepare students to pass the State Licensing examination and to secure employment in the barbering or other related career field.

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Learn while you do operations on the floor. Constant stream of clients allow for ample opportunities to learn and grow.


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Upon completion of the course requirements, a student graduate will be able to:

  1. Perform the basic manipulative skills such as: shavings,  shaping, rest facials etc.
  2. Understand sterilization and sanitation procedures.
  3. Understand employer- employee relationship and respect the need to deliver worthy service  for value received.
  4. Practice proper grooming, effective communication skills, visual poise, professional ethics, and salesmanship.
  5. Have a better understanding of the Barbering and Cosmetology Rules and Regulations.


Flexible schedules tailored just for you! (must attend a minimum of twelve hours per week)Instruction is provided through set of learning steps, which address specific tasks necessary for Graduation, State Board preparation and job entry-level skills. Each student will receive instructions that relate to the performance of useful, creative and productive career oriented activities. Clinic equipment, implements, and products are comparable to those used in the Industry. The course is presented through well-developed lesson plans, which reflect current educational methods. Subjects are presented by means of lecture, demonstration and classroom participation, or examination. Practical operation shall mean the actual performance by the student of a complete service on another person or a mannequin.

For specific course details, download our Student Catalog, Barbering Crossover for Cosmetologists course details are on pages 24-26.

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